human centered design / material innovation / user research

WHO estimates that infectious diseases kill 14.7 million people every year. Prevention of infectious diseases through vaccines alone is not adequate because pathogens mutate at faster than we can develop vaccines. Hand sanitizers and masks target this problem, but hand sanitizers cause bacterial resistance and masks are uncomfortable to wear. We propose a solution that fits user’s design needs, kills pathogens, and does not cause bacterial resistance. AvantGuard is a silver-ion infused antimicrobial pocket that fits into a user’s existing clothing. Silver ions in AvantGuard are toxic to germs but safe on humans. In using the pocket, the user can clean their hands as well as items he or she carries around in the pocket. AvantGuard is also not merely a pocket; it can be detached and used as a mask, and handkerchief, and even as cleaning cloth. 

Team: Melissa Chang, Kristen Faulkner, Jana Masset, Hope Ndhlovu and Kuriakin Zeng  - Harvard University "How to Create Things and Have them Matter" - Professor: David Edwards


Wearable Prototype Iterations

Presentation Screenshots

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