Bits + Blocks Lab: Bitcoin + Blockchain

venture design / bitcoin + blockchains / identity systems / design innovation

Students applied from a range of Boston-based schools including Harvard, MIT, RISD, Wellesley, and Tufts and six teams were selected by participating in a weekend-long makeathon. Working as IDEO employees for nine weeks, our teams developed new ventures aimed at building new experiences around the technologies inspired by Bitcoin and Blockchains. After the 9 week intensive program, six venture prototypes emerged, and several of the students and ventures prototypes (including ours) were adopted by IDEO and continued as projects within the firm. Our team specifically looked at Identity + Blockchains

Team: Eric Chan, Shuya Gong and Spencer Powers - IDEO Futures Venture Lab


Design Process


Blockchain Transaction Validation (Result of Working Prototype)


Select Presentation Material


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