DIgipresence: Dynamic presence detection

spatial data visualization / systems design / user experience

Digipresence is a dynamic presence detection device that translates people's signal presence in a space to an audio and visual feed. The device picks up the wireless signals of devices within a specified room, and associates a unique audio signal and color visualization to each unique IP address. This information is then "played" in real time, allowing the user to understand who is in the room at any given moment based on the unique color and sound of that moment. 

The project also acts as a "time machine," allowing any user to play back the soundtrack from the day, while specifying the amount of playback, and the compression or elongation of that (ex. playing back from 12:00 - 13:00 in 30 seconds, or 2:45 - 3:00 in 1 hour). This gives the user a new sense for being able to understand the presence within a space. 

Team: Anish Athalye and Lisa Tacoronte - MIT Media Lab "Design Across Scales" - Professor: Neri Oxman


Working Demo Video


System Design