wearable / sensors / robotics / interaction design

We are partaking in the juxtaposition of two unique epochs: the Age of Anxiety + the Age of Narcissism. This is a time of massive surveillance living in conjunction with the love of attention. The EGOSKELETON acts as the users second skin, embedding itself onto the user rather than being an addition.The armor has two goals: DEFEND + SEDUCE. The sensors trigger the arms to move when another person approaches within a distance, mimicking the movements of both fight and dance. | EXOSKELETON: (n). an external covering or integument [exo] outer + [skeleton] support | EGOTIST: (n). a conceited, boastful person. {ego} me + {ist} frequent | EGOSKELETON: (n).a second skin meant to protect the inner and outer self. [ego] me + [skeleton] support

Harvard Graduate School of Design "Architecture of Cultural Prosthetics" - Professors: Krzystof Wodiczko and Anne Liu


System Sensing and Actuation


Full Scale Wearable Assembly


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