Future of Kitchens: The casual kitchen

design research / spatial innovation / systems design

The "Casual Kitchen" is an independent study project that was born out of the curiosity to rethink the future of the kitchen space, and innovations in appliance interfaces. It stemmed from the continual research I have been conducting on the potential for surfaces and materials in architecture to play a more active role in the interfaces we interact with every day; smart materiality.

The concept behind the "Casual Kitchen" is that the new cooking and dining space will be more casual in nature; stemming from the innovations in delivery services, meal kits, and grocery services. We won't need the burden of excessive industrial appliances, but instead, multi-functional, temperature regulated surfaces where cooling can occur right next to heating and storage. The idea is that food can be stored contextually, and there can be a seamless transition between storing, cooking, warming and cooling, as curated by new kitchen surfaces. 

Team: City Science Group - MIT Media Lab