Auto-inflatables: Tournitape

human-centered design / material design / soft robotics

Tournitape is an application for a body of research called "Auto-Inflatables" where new types of autonomous inflatable material assemblies are explored. The project stems from the need for rapid compression devices and band-aids on the battlefront, and in emergency civilian situations. We designed a new kind of self-inflating, tearable bandage that can be executed by pushing the cells to trigger the inflating solution. This project was designed for the MD5 Hacking Emergency Response Hackathon that looked towards the potential for advanced functional fabrics in challenging environments. Was co-hosted by the DoD (Department of Defense), MIT Innovation Initiative, AFFOA (Advanced Functional Fabrics of America)

Team: Penny Webb and Valentina Sumini - MIT AFFOFA, MIT Innovation Initiative, MD5



Pneumatic Actuation


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