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Today we are living in a digital symphony. A world comprised of a convoluted soliloquy of data transfer. A world where bytes are our currency, and information is our crack. We are living in hyperpixelated massiveness. Information is being mined at rates faster than we could have ever fathomed. Our objects are no longer neutral pleasures of everyday life. They are watching us. Our every move is being tracked, archived, processed, and analyzed. Our walls have ears, our windows eyes, our spaces brains. The world is watching. How can we defend ourselves against a world so untrustworthy, and discreet? Simple. We track it back. The SPY-der dress reverses the role of surveillance, to make the user and the surrounding population aware of the presence of security cameras. When the dress senses the presence of security cameras, it engages by lifting its arms. The closer the wearer gets to the gaze of the camera, the higher the arms raise. Once they are within the cone of vision, the arms point in the direction of the camera, both seducing and fighting with its gaze.

Spitzer School of Architecture: The City College of NY - Professor: Timothy Matthew Collins


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