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Today we live in an ephemeral state. A transitional period where the lines of reality and simulation are blurred. We are embarking on a threshold to a pure digital state. All forms of media are rapidly transcending from an analog existence to their non-physical counterpart. For some mediums, the transition seems natural, almost necessary for the evolution of its being. But for others, the analogical nostalgia is triggered, And resistance is eminent. But, Is it all truly pure nostalgia? What is the role of the library now that it has lost its power as the primary search tool? The internet has procured possibilities that approach infinity, extending thought beyond our capabilities for comprehension. It is limitless in the scope of the human scale. The Internet provides the infrastructure for serendipitous freedom. Yet, it’s utilization as an immortalizing tool is often undermined. As a social concept, the repetitious exchange of information is utopian; in practice, it is withdrawn from its ideal state as a superpower. 

Spitzer School of Architecture: City College of New York - Professor: Jeremy Edmiston


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